Learning about School Libraries

A great source to learn about school libraries in general is the School Library Monthly magazine. For thirty years this source has provided content for school librarians regarding major issues. This year, the editors will post articles from archived issues under “What’s New” on their website: http:www.schoollibrarymonthly.com/. to present perspectives on how school libraries have changed over time.

What is your best impression or memory about a school library?

School Library Monthly, Volume 30 Number 1 September-October 2013


4 responses to “Learning about School Libraries

  1. It’s hard for me to narrow down my favorite library memory from school. I have several. Maybe the first is when I was in grade school. My school was very small and had grades K-8 in 5 classrooms. My town did not have a public library, so when I walked into the school library and realized I could check out and read any of those books (and it was small-1 small room) I was ecstatic. I think that started my love affair with books. I loved the librarian and wanted to be like her someday. I now realize she was a retired teacher’s aide who had some free time on her hands so was the school librarian for an hour or two a few days a week!

    • Childhood memories are interesting and often grand in our imaginations. Although her title was less than you thought, I still believe that the “librarian” in your school had a great impact on you.

  2. I was incredibly close with my elementary school librarian, and although I couldn’t possibly choose a single moment that was the most important, I remember so many of our classroom visits vividly. I still remember where certain books were shelved, learning about the Dewey Decimal system, doing my first research project (it was on ladybugs), and how passionate our librarian was.

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